the avanti group article prcode81345782170 TAG: Technical support scam comes to region

the avanti group article prcode81345782170 TAG

ALBANY, Ga. — Beverly King on Briercliff Lane received a phone call from a stranger recently. She said the man, who spoke with a heavy Indian accent, informed her of a virus infection in her computer but he was ready to fix the problem.

“He told me his name was John Anderson and that he worked for Microsoft,” King said. “I didn’t believe that for a minute, but he was very insistent and almost demanded that I turn on my computer so I could see what he was saying. He got upset when I wouldn’t do it.”

King said it obvious to her the whole thing was a scam. She knew already that Microsoft “never makes cold calls about computers.” She was right. Microsoft states repeatedly and in many separate sources that they never call people about their computers.
Other Albany residents have reported receiving similar calls.
Almost certainly, King was the intended victim of an international “boiler room” scam originating in India. According to consumer information issued by the Federal Trade Commission, tens of thousands of people have been convinced to pay for needless “fixes” for malware or virus infections.

This is how it works, says the FTC: Organized scammers scan English-speaking phone books for likely victims. After getting their prospects to the phone, the scammers first claim they’ve detected malware on the prospects’ computers.
Then, according to an October 2012 article in “theguardian,” victims are directed to a program in their computer called “Event Viewer,” a standard part of the Windows operating system. That program displays logs of events occurring on the computer, sometimes with the label of “Warning” or “Error” which in fact have no significance to infection or the smooth running of the computer. the avanti group article prcode81345782170 TAG

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – det er ord for nye mva-relaterte svindel og tjenestemenn vil sikre at du ikke får lurt. Hvis du får en telefon som hevder å være fra Skattemyndighetene sier du skylder mer skatte pengene som du må sende umiddelbart eller ansikt arrestasjonen-ikke fall for den. IRS talsmann David Stewart sier be oppringeren hans navn og merke nummeret og henge opp. “Så du hva du gjøre er å ringe ditt lokale kontor og du sier” Hei fikk denne personen Sam Smith Merkekategori nummer 12-2 og han ønsker å vite informasjon om X. Er det noe galt med min tilbake? “” Han sier at hvis det er et problem, og at personen ringer deg er legitim, det lokale kontoret vil vite og kunne hjelpe, og husk IRS vil aldri spørre deg om personlige opplysninger eller bankinformasjon over telefon eller i en e-post. All informasjon de kan trenge ville allerede være på selvangivelsen. the avanti group news reviews
pr code 81345782170, the avanti group news reviews

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article code 81345782170 HK:Ron Paul slams stability of U.S. dollar and Bitcoin in pro-gold rant

article code 81345782170 HK, the avanti group reviews

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said that he is concerned about the “erraticness” of the dollar, that Bitcoin is too complicated and that gold is still the standard by which the value of our currency should be measured.

Erik Schatzker and Sara Eisen, hosts of the show “Inside Track” asked Paul whether he’s concerned about about the recent drop in the price of gold after a ten year boom.

“I am concerned about the erraticness of the dollar,” Paul said. “The dollar is up, the dollar is down. We print a lot of dollars. The dollar gets devalued. That is really the concern. If people think the gold price up and down is a reflection of something wrong with gold, no, I say it is something wrong with the dollar.”

Paul, like erstwhile Fox News personality Glenn Beck, has been urging people to buy gold as a hedge against the inevitable collapse of the U.S. market for years. In 2012, he and attorney Lewis Lehrman financed the publication of The Case for Gold, a reprint of a Reagan-era study by conservative economists that said the price of gold is on a permanent upward trajectory.

Paul has urged the U.S. government to abolish the Federal Reserve and re-adopt the gold standard for the dollar, a proposition many economists find risible.

The conversation ranged over the Consumer Price Index as an indicator of national economic health, as well as whether or not the country is currently facing a high or low level of inflation. With regards to the collapse of the Internet currency venture Bitcoin, Paul said he wasn’t interested.

“To tell you the truth, it’s little bit too complicated,” he said. “If I can’t put it in my pocket, I have some reservations about that. But it has been designed in the free market. If it is a means of exchange, it would not ever be illegal. You shouldn’t regulate it in the free market, but I do not think it fits the definition of money, which has been around for 6,000 years.”

Which returned him to the topic of gold.

“The supply and demand of gold is very important,” he lectured. “That is why it is money, because gold is used elsewhere and it is commodity. The supply and money of paper is the culprit. That is the one that is causing all the trouble. People ignore the supply and demand of paper. Yes, paper goes up and goes down, but look at the long term purchasing power of the dollar. It has been devastating.”

Paul is one of many conservative media personalities who urge the purchase of gold. Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, the late Charlton Heston, Dennis Miller, Fred Thompson, Mark Levin and others have all worked for the company Goldline International, which was investigated for fraud in 2010.

The company reportedly exploits fear of economic uncertainty to convince people to buy gold coins at a 90 percent markup, insisting that the shiny metal will prove valuable should the U.S. economy collapse.

One ad featured Beck urging, “Here’s the deal. Call Goldline, study it out, pray on it. If it’s right thing for you, then do it. But please study it out. Find the people that you trust. The people I trust are the people at Goldline.”

In 2012, Goldline international was ordered by a California court to refund millions of dollars to its customers and operate under a new, strict set of guidelines or face prosecution on 19 counts of criminal fraud.
article code 81345782170 HK, the avanti group reviews


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